Sarracenia oreophila/Green Pitcherplant
Gouache, Ink, Monotype on linen
12 x 12

The Sarracenia oreophila is native to the Southeastern US and grows in Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, and previously Tennessee. This variety of pitcher plant is found in bogs and wetlands and has been in a devastating decline due to the increase in rural mono-crop farms and urban development. Unfortunately this beautiful and unusual plant is listed as “critically endangered”.
Traditionally the roots of this plant were used by our ancestors to treat smallpox and lung and liver ailments. Its dried leaves were also used to treat fever. In 1989 the Alabama canebrake pitcher plant was listed as federally endangered. Today fewer than 12 sites host this plant. Two of these sites are being preserved by the Nature Conservancy in the Roberta Case Preserve. Some groups such as the Fish and Wildlife Service are working to help preserve populations in this area by reintroducing controlled burns.

Visit the Center for Plant Conservation to find out how you can support conservation efforts.


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