Platanthera praeclara/Western Prairie Fringed Orchid
Gouache, Ink, Monotype on linen
11” x 16”

A few days before my recent painting exhibit Ever Green I became possessed by the spirit of this image. With about 36 hours to spare, and between school drop-offs and deadlines, I quickly stretched another linen canvas and set to work. I barely finished it in time. Maybe inspiration does flow freely under stress and pressure, as people often say. Nonetheless, I was in a fevered state and my imagination was completely captured. Nothing was going to stop me.
This image now poses a question…
Did this endangered plant serendipitously grow right up through the center of this tangled barbed wire? Or, did the wire wrap itself elegantly around this plant, enraptured in a love affair?


Historically the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid could be found in my home place, Oklahoma, among other Western states.

My intent is to bring awareness to this important and immediate issue.



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