About Rebecca Kunz

The Tree of Life archetype signifies the connecting of all forms of creation. From this archetype, all life is not only symbolically connected, but thrives when humans draw upon its interwoven nature. We can, at any time, take strength and courage from the earth’s generative offerings. As creativity is the very fabric in which the Tree of Life exists, it is also at the core of our human survival. It is the life force that drives us all.

Tree of Life Studio was created in 2007 by Rebecca Kunz, when she was pregnant with her first child, as a means of staying home with her family while creating art. She lives in the foothills of present-day “Santa Fe”, New Mexico, the unceded ancestral Tewa Land, specifically O’gha Po’oge, with her husband and three daughters. Rebecca is originally from Oklahoma and is an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. She draws inspiration from her Cherokee roots and is greatly inspired by mythic and archetypical symbolism. Her mission is to create art that is accessible while bringing healing beauty to the world ecology.

“From an early age I realized the impact of creativity on my life, and I knew it would be my path. I found that there is a well of ingenuity that anyone can tap into at anytime; it is vital, life-giving, and life sustaining, and I call it the ‘Collective Creative’. This imaginativeness is something that all humans have within themselves, free to be access and share collectively. It drives my every action in life and is infused into my art, my family, community, and my life. My vision is for every step to be an artful one, a reflection and interpretation of our earth’s natural elegance.

I am ever grateful for the divine artful way and all its gifts. I wish to share it with the world, and for the world to continue to provide it.”

~ Becca


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