Rubus stipulatus/Bristle-berry/Big Horseshoe Lake Dewberry
Gouache, Ink, Monotype on linen
11 x 14”

Part of my 2023 exhibition Ever Green at the Lloyd Kiva New Gallery, this piece depicts a botical illustration of the endangered Big Horseshoe Lake Dewberry. The red and white motif at the top is inspired by the stepped imagery found on ancient Cherokee burial urns.

My hope is that through this body of work, I might spark conversations and change for the many endangered species of our planet. Climate change and human activity remain the greatest threats to vulnerable species such as the Rubus stipulatus.


Each of the pieces from this body of work weave a story about our relationship to threatened wild plant species.
My intent is to bring awareness to this important and immediate issue.
The good news is that we are not powerless! Please visit @centerforplantconservation to find out how you can help!



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