Sarracenia alabamensis/Alabama Canebrake Pitcher Plant
Gouache, Ink, Monotype on linen
12 x 12”

Like many other pitcher plant species, the Alabama Canebrake faces many threats. Livestock grazing, fire suppression, and conversion to pine plantations have pushed this plant to the brink. 17 of their native populations In Alabama alone have been destroyed since 1974. Before contemporary methods of fire suppression, wildfires burned this landscape regularly. Native plants became adapted to living with these occasional fires. Without frequent burning, bogs (their native habitat) have become invaded by tall shrubs and wetland trees that shade these sun-loving plants.
In 1989 the Alabama canebrake pitcher plant was listed as federally endangered. Today fewer than 12 sites host this plant. Two of these sites are being preserved by the Nature Conservancy in the Roberta Case Preserve. Some groups such as the Fish and Wildlife Service are working to help preserve populations in this area by reintroducing controlled burns.

The good news is that you have agency! Go to The Nature Conservancy to support their conservation efforts.
One of the paintings from my Ever Green exhibit, this piece was on display in 2023 at the Hecho a Mano Gallery in Santa Fe, as part of the annual Regalos Juried exhibition.


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