In this new series, I retell the the Cherokee folktale How They Brought Back Tobacco. This myth tells about the near-extinction of our people when we were on the verge of losing The Ancient One or the Old Tobacco plant, a sacred plant that was essential for our survival. 


Each block in my block printing process is first sketched with graphite and next carved by hand. This block is then pressed onto handmade cotton paper and layered with my own unique monotype printing process. 

If you read my first post on the Cherokee myth How They Brought Back Tobacco you will remember the determined Hummingbird. This piece Deliverance tells of the moment when small, but mighty, Hummingbird finds and retrieves the Tobacco plant, which had been stolen by greedy Dagûl’kû geese. Hummingbird saves humankind by returning this medicine plant to the dying people.
Here you see Hummingbird with glittering stars by her side and 2 sun shield symbols below her, protecting her on her long journey to save the Tobacco plant.



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