As I have developed as an artist I have come to believe that our creativity is not something we can necessarily own, or take credit for. I find it to be something of an impulse, something living within us. Like a deep well, is it is something we can all can partake of, and thrive from, but not take ownership of. I have come to call this creative well the “Collective Creative”, and this is where I believe all creativity is housed.

This creativity is living in our cooperative cultural consciousness at all times. It is something humans share equally, and therefore can’t be owned individually. When we slip into the world of our imaginations, we are not separate from others. All borders fall away because the act of creation is not defined by descriptions. We can truly connect with all humankind when we are in the space of creating. Creativity can come out in many different forms, but to me, this ingenuity comes from the same impulse within us. We are hard-wired to do this, and it is one of our human super powers! It is always living within us, whether or not we notice it.

Often I have heard people say “I am not a creative person”. What they may not realize is that creativity is something quite instinctual, when we realize how to call it in. It comes from an intuitive psychic knowing within all of us, which is activated when we create.

Many times I receive the same intuitive message from my imaginative experiences…”We are spirit beings”. When I am painting or drawing I take it as an opportunity to connect with Spirit, or the Divine.

I believe in having scheduled creative time, in a disciplined way, and as something of a spiritual practice. I need to call my creativity forward in a regular way, in order for it to live in me in an embodied way. Through this practice, I feel am giving our Collective Creative its due respect, and it is never far away.



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