It’s dyeing day at our house and the colors are inspired by Saint Valentine’s Day.  The palette: hot colors, shades of love: pinks, corals, and peaches.  Into the pot go old faded shirts, uninspiring shades of pillow cases and some jammies that needed a love boost.

In the dye bath go cotton ribbon and eyelet lace.  After the dye pot, they go into the washing machine for a cold rinse and wash.  Then, onto the drying rack in a sunny window.  As the ribbon dries it takes on a vintage tone.  The subtle color flecks and variations of hand dyeing remind me of relics of antiquity.  As a lover of color and texture, these fabrics drying in the soft sunlight are a feast for my eyes.

Hand dyed coral pink eyelet ready to sell as one of my newest item in my Etsy shop.

Soft apricot cotton lace ribbon.

Perfect for Valentines making or gift wrapping, these hand dyed ribbons are a unique gift. Find more in myEtsy store


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