Dear Sue,

How you are missed                                        You were like a mama to many of us            with your soft guiding hand                          With your wisdom you lit a path, so that  we could see what was already there

With such a gentle way, you were a  teacher to us,                                                    teaching us to stand up tall in the light  and take comfort in it’s luminescence

What a bounty of wondrous gifts you so freely gave                                                                    You gave so beautifully, with an open heart and a knowing smile                                              You gave us the gift of confidence, the gift of acceptance,                                                      the gift of the eternal Mother’s love                                                                                                and wrapped it around us like a soft warm quilt, to forever give us comfort

In your passing you glowed in your peacefulness and strength,                                        never wavering in your luminescence                                                                                        Your bright eyes and beautiful spirit stay with me today and always                                        I can feel your warm smile right now

Sue Kutz, mother of our dear friend Emily Rothschild, passed on Friday, May 27                Sue is cherished and dearly missed in our community.                                                          Our hearts are with Emily and her sweet family


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