Hello my friend, we made it to spring, hallelujah! It has been a difficult 12 months for many and I hope things are looking up for all of you.

I have exciting news…
Save the date for my one-woman gallery exhibition running August 20th through October 20th in Santa Fe at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts store gallery. The reception, on Thursday, August 19th, will be open to the public, with all COVID safety precautions in place.

The groundwork for this new series began about this time last year. With the uncertainty of the pandemic, many questions started to arise and a deep soul journey began. A completely new way of thinking and being was beginning to take shape in me. The global collective has also been at a critical juncture, and many people have had to completely regroup and pivot. This collective experience has been informing my work, and this is where my new Story Paintings began to take life.

The animal kingdom has also played a critical role in my new work.

In the evenings when I’m out on my favorite trail, my four-legged trickster friends and some wing-ed creatures have been telling me their stories. And, I’ve been taking notes…

I’m honored to be the translator of these stories, as they work their way into my new pieces. In these Story Paintings, Cherokee mythology is reimagined through the lens of the creatures now living in the Anthropocene. These characters share the space with historical symbology, as well as new translations of ancient petroglyph forms.

These Story Paintings are comprised of monoprinting, drawing, and painting.

Each work is created on a deckled edge printmaking paper and will finally be floated and framed.

I look forward to sharing more details with you as I get nearer to this show. Please come along with me on this creative journey and at the final show at MoCNA.

Stay tuned here and on my Instagram page for sneak peeks into my process. I love knowing that you’re by my side and that I’m by yours.


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