It has been 10 years since I had a really good visit with my dear friend, my painting easel. AND, it has been 10 years since my first child was born. It’s no coincidence that my easel has been in the dusty corner of my shed for these past 10 years.

In this time I have been painting on a small scale, delving into symbology, mixed media, watercolor, and returning to print making; all of which have felt more accessible and sustainable.

In 10 short years I have become the mother to 3 daughters. For this, I am endlessly grateful.  I can not imagine a more creative, and humbling, way to give my demiurgic forces.

I have had not the strength, nor the nerve, to ask my children and my easel to compete with each other. It was not even a question, because they demand the same wherewithal… until now.

But here I stand, 10 years later my children are growing tall and strong. They are becoming more self reliant. They do not require the constant giving and ‘holding’ that a mother must grant to her children in the early years. Hallelujah for that!

So, not long ago I had a genuine impulse and vision to paint a canvas large enough to warrant the use of my easel. This impulse has not even been living in me, much less on my radar, as of late.

But, when the ‘divine’ calls with a vision, we have no choice but to respond.

When I started working with this canvas, I realized how much has been percolating in me, and how much I have been creating, while I was “not creating” large scale work.

My technique and style have been developing in a way that only time can bring. Ingenuity had been working in me, even when I was not working on it.

Sometimes, the most important learning comes when we are unknowing. This learning is being downloaded into our psychic sphere in a most passive, but impressive way. These things are being absorbed when we are making dinner, when we are laughing, when we are unaware. Stunning really… something so Momentous, that we don’t even know is happening.

May I be sold bold to say that this learning is more poignant than the learning we actively seek out?  All the while in our swathe, we have been gathering our strength.












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