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Hey, when was the last time you heard of using a bomb for a good cause?  These earthy seed bomb beauties are the answer.  They are fun for kids, and adults too!   What you will need for this project: … Continue reading

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A Second Grader’s Portfolio

I have had some requests to share work from our Waldorf-inspired second grade home school.  I became much more comfortable teaching this year, and because of this and the wonderful subjects we studied, we had a lot of fun! In … Continue reading

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One September, when my first born was just a baby, we started noticing masses of cars parked on our roadside.  Alongside the cars were people crouched under trees with buckets in hands.  They seemed to be doing something very important, … Continue reading

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My children come to me each day and hand me a rainbow. They beckon me to come. The path has been paved, they know the way. We can choose to go. The chasm of popular culture, the badlands of everything-at-our-fingertips right … Continue reading

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Lately I have been feeling like a marathon runner.  With three children under the age of 7, life is full!  Very happily full, but full nonetheless. Much of my day is spent preparing meals, cleaning up messes, doing dishes and … Continue reading

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Ha, got your attention! I make some version of this smoothie a couple of times a week for my girls and me.  We love it because it is packed with superfoods and greens!  Ok, grasshoppers aren’t one of the ingredients, … Continue reading

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Through the brightness of Saint Lucia, light and hope are celebrated on Santa Lucia Day. This holiday marks the longest night of the year, as well the beginning of the Christmas season in Sweden and many other countries.  Light, on … Continue reading

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This year for our home school lantern walk, we made paper mache lanterns.  We blew up balloons, then covered them with colored tissue and crepe paper, which had been dipped in a water and glue mixture.  After they were dry … Continue reading

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I recently worked on a project for a friend’s website where I created a bunch of handmade letters. His logo had a collaged look before, but he wanted a more funky hand-made update. This was one of the most fun … Continue reading

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Upon a recent trip to a nursing home to visit family in Oklahoma, I was struck by the very visceral memory of experiencing a nursing home as a child.  The fragility and hopelessness.  The masses of elderly souls in the hallways, … Continue reading

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