Hey, when was the last time you heard of using a bomb for a good cause?  These earthy seed bomb beauties are the answer.  They are fun for kids, and adults too!   What you will need for this project: Scrap paper or newspaper, Wildflower seeds, A blender, A fine mesh strainer, A cookie cutter, A few large bowls, Water   Shred your paper into small pieces, about 2 - 3" size. Fill your blender about half way with the torn paper and fill 2/3 full with water. Blend these ingredients on the high setting until it makes a fine paper pulp. Dump the pulp into the mesh strainer, which is over a bowl. Push out much of the liquid from the paper, not all of the liquid though. Put your pulp into another bowl and sprinkle your wildflower seeds.  Mix them together by hand. On a tray, press the mixture into the cookie cutter, one by one, pressing out as much of the water as you can.  Then pull the cookie cutter straight up; there you will have your  beautiful seed bomb shape.   You can also use colored paper shreds to make colorful hearts. Let these dry in a warm place, preferably next to a heater.  They need to dry fairly quickly, so that the seeds don't sprout.  It should take 24 hours to dry. I put mine close to a heater and that helped. Now with your dry seed bombs,  you have a beautiful gift for valentines, anniversaries, or wedding party favors. These can be thrown out onto a barren highway strip (even from your car window...doesn't that sound satisfying?), or a landscape that could use some erosion control, or could simply be planted in your own garden. Enjoy!   Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

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  1. Oma Kunz says:

    Love those precious little hands. The seed bombs are cute too!

  2. Adam Shed says:

    Super cool!! You should make them for tall pine trees and throw them in areas lacking beautiful trees too.

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